| About us

Two Five Five Architects is a commercial architectural practice, with branches in Cape Town & Johannesburg. The two founding partners, architects Theo Kruger & André Krige, started the practice with a desire to see design led innovative solutions enter the commercial architectural environment.

As a company we strive to practice ‘architecture for responsibility’. First and foremost we always try to be responsible towards our clients & their budgets.
We also believe we should be responsible towards the site & context, the neighbouring community and the environment. We believe this results in unique, context specific buildings.

Two Five Five Architects has an experienced team with over 14 years of combined experience. Our experience combined with our deep love of architecture and community drives our aim to maintain the highest levels of design through the creation of exciting yet timeless buildings.

| Why work with us?

Good buildings come from good people, and good design.


Two Five Five Architects designs and constructs buildings that are contemporary yet timeless. We make spaces that are responsible to their context. We are concerned with sustainability and persistence. Our buildings are responsible & viable aesthetically, commercially, economically, and in energy and resources. Our architecture challenges ones curiosity.


We are personally involved with design on the macro and micro scales. We are focussed on the quality of process and product, and bring our curios and innovative nature to all our projects. We emphasise design-led innovative solutions which are within time and budget parameters.


Our practice strives to maintain a hands-on approach. We encourage all our staff to participate in design workshops in a ‘think -tank’ manner where we discuss every project in detail. We believe this results in more innovative and relevant design. Our clients are guaranteed a director will always be personally involved in their projects, making our ‘studio – style’ approach to projects unique and exciting.

| Services offered


We are a design orientated architectural practice with a love for detailing.


Our experience enables us to quickly produce documentation for investment and feasibility purposes.


Turning concepts into reality. Documentation and Construction management

Graphic Design

Development Brochures and Marketing material? We can do it all in-house!

Custom work

We love making custom items for our clients, everything from door handles to furniture pieces.

Contract Management

We have experience in a large variety of building contracts and can act as principle agent in this regard.